Quick Bowl Expo 2019 Review

Eddie Curtis from Prime Bowling Pro Shop took some time out to give people some thoughts on Bowl Expo 2019 –

Well everyone, I had a chance to have some hands on time with a few of the new releases. Here is a quick run down of the balls I think will stand out.

Roto grip

Idol pro- Roto grip is continuing the great performance of this line with the Idol Pro. The Idol Pro will be the weakest of the 3 if I’m not mistaken, but it still gives you plenty of hook. The shape is smooth for those people looking for a little control at the break point.


I’m picking an interesting one for my storm ball. The ProMotion is the third ball in the Jason Belmonte ball line, and it is the best one by far in my opinion. It has a very strong cover (Spec cover from the Crux Prime) High rev players looking for a smooth rolling ball, here it is. Tweeners and strokers looking for a ball that will start up a little earlier without jerking off the dry, here you go!

900 Global

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to throw the Badger Infused( I have gotten a lot of questions about this ball, and I will get a review up as soon as I can). I did get a chance to throw the other new releases. The Flux really caught my eye. The orange color stands out, and the amount of hook stands out also. This ball is strong, and if you’re looking for more hook in your bag. This will be the 900 Global ball your looking for.


Bang for your buck performance. The Destiny solid is my Ebonite choice. It has very good performance at this price point. if you want good performance and don’t want to break the bank. this may be the ball you want to check out.

Columbia 300

C300 had something really good with the Chaos, and it looks like this will continue with the Chaos Black. if you thought the chaos was too smooth. the Chaos Black will add some pop to the Chaos line, without losing the control you had with the original Chaos.


Dv8 had me surprised the most. The Poison pearl was fun to throw. It was clean, gave plenty of hook down the lane, and didn’t give me the feeling of having to move too far left. If you thought the original was too smooth, and you were looking for more. Here it is.


I’m going to cheat a little here and say both Counter Attacks. The solid is a little earlier, and a little smoother than the pearl, but both balls fit into the lower end of your arsenal. These were the only balls I got to throw at the demo that would let me stand on the big don’t and throw them on the second arrow. I feel like these balls are worthy successors to the Rack Attack line

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