Dom Barrett Re-Signs Three-Year Deal With EBI

Dom Barrett Re-signs with EBI

WICHITA, Kan. – Six-time PBA champion Dom Barrett of England has re-signed a three-year deal with Ebonite International. That keeps him with the company through 2021, FloBowling has learned exclusively.

Barrett is the face of EBI brand Track. He will be able to throw all four EBI brands as part of his contract.

It’s the second consecutive three-year contract for Barrett, whose biggest career victory came at the PBA World Championship in 2013. He has also won PBA titles in Qatar, Germany, and Japan.

“I’m very excited to have my second contract with them, another three years, and to be a part of the Ebonite family,” said Barrett, who won the DHC Japan Invitational earlier this year. “My goals, their goals, me trying to help them and them trying to help me and the products are fantastic. You add that all up and they are a great family to be a part of, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the team.”

While every player contract is different, three years is considered a long-term deal in the sport of bowling. This will allow Barrett to focus less on off the lanes issues and more on his performance on the lanes. He said,

“It definitely feels nice to me not having to negotiate every single year or having to worry that you have to have a good year to get a contract,” Barrett said. “It will take some pressure off me and my family and will allow me to express myself on the lanes without worrying about the results. I can just let the results happen.”

When asked if he considered signing elsewhere, Barrett said he didn’t even give it a second thought.

“It didn’t even cross my mind to look elsewhere,” said Barrett. Who signed with Ebonite in early 2016 after leaving Storm. “I’m really happy at Ebonite International, and I’m looking forward to the future we have together.”

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